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Saturn ~ God of Pessimism?


What does it matter now if men believe or no?
What is to come will come. And soon you too will stand
aside, to murmur in pity that my words were true.
(Cassandra, in Aeschylus' Agamemnon)

After years of collecting prophecies from various sources around the world, I find these days very exciting. Many of the ancient prophecies appear to be coming true in our time. Of course, you could say that it depends upon how one views them. My response to that is a suggestion that you check out the Hopi prophecies in particular and decide for yourself.

I've chosen to devote most of this space to prophecies that are often difficult to find elsewhere. As news arrives, I'll be updating these links as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on the date at the bottom of this page to determine whether any changes have been made since your last visit.

If you know of any valid prophets (no "channelers") whom I've overlooked, please notify me through e-mail. I am particularly interested in African prophets. Also, I'm currently searching for online information about Handsome Lake, who, I believe, was a member of the Seneca Tribe and a contemporary of Thomas Jefferson. Thank you for any direction you may provide.

The Moons of Saturn

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Pan: Hopi Prophecies

Emergence to the Fifth World
White Feather
Dan Evehema
Parallels Between the Hopi and the Sumerians

Telesto: Hopi Messages and Warnings

Urgent Message to Humankind From Chief Evehema
The Hopi Mission to the United Nations

Iapetus: Hopi Prophecies

Dan Katchongva
Prophecy Rock

Tethys: Native American Prophecies

Thomas Banyacya, Hopi Elder
The Mayan Prophecy of the End of the Great Cycle

Atlas: Native American Prophecies

Lee Brown, Cherokee
Mathew King, Lakota
Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

Rhea: Native American Prophecies

Deganawidah: The Two Serpents
Stalking Wolf

Dione: Native American Prophecies

The White Buffalo
The Q'ero (Inca) Shaman

Titan: Nostradamus

Desecration of His Tomb
Murder of John Paul I
Prophecies to Watch
Signs of the Millennium
Decline of the Papacy
Your Interpretations
Death of the Princess of Wales?
Links to Nostradamus Sites

Helene: Shipton and Agharti

Mother Shipton
Agharti's King of the World

Phoebe: Edgar Cayce

Earth Changes
The Sphinx

Hyperion: Various Prophets

Hermes Trismegistus
The Brahan Seer
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Arthur Conan Doyle
Leo Tolstoi
Helena Blavatsky
Louis Hamon (Cheiro)
Guboo Ted Thomas
Tim Sikyea
Brave Buffalo
Sun Bear
Chief John Ross
Arthur C. Clarke
World Scientists

Prometheus: Organized Religions

The Final Signs of Qiyaamah

Pandora: Roman Catholic Prophets

St. Anthony the Abbot
St. Senanus
St. Columbeille
St. Malachy
St. Hildegard
Bishop Ageda
John of Vitiguerro
Abbot D'Orante
St. Vincent Ferrer
Maria Laach Monastery
Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser
Venerable Mary of Agreda
Sister Marianne de Jesus Torres
Blessed Rembordt
The Ecstatic of Tours
Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified
Therese Neumann
Pope Leo XIII
Pope Pius X
Pope Pius XII
Padre Pio

Epimetheus: Marian Apparitions

La Salette

Janus: Apparitions

Navajo Holy People

Mimas: Marian Apparitions

The Warnings at Garabandal

Enceladus: Modern Apparitions

Akita, Japan

Calypso: Miscellaneous Prophecies

Mitar Tarabich
Ragnarok, The Twilight of the Gods

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