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Visitors to Morgana's Observatory have sent e-mail in hopes of finding more information on topics that I've lightly covered on this site. Synchronicity being as it is, I was then advised of, an online bookstore.

After checking out their selections and prices, I decided to link to books that might be of interest to Observatory visitors. Whenever available, I've linked to paperback versions to keep costs down. Most of the books are discounted at least 20% for online sales. Below you'll find links to pages offering books on general topics. The selection will grow as time permits. I won't clutter up the area with just any books; only those that I would recommend to friends will be listed.

If you see a book that you think you might like, click on the book icon below that selection's title for more information. If it's a book with which I am familiar, my description will be included. If not, it's a review gleaned from another source.

The goal is to provide further resources to those in search of more information. If you have any ideas on how to expand this section, let me know through e-mail. I hope you find what you're looking for.



Native Americans



Computers and the Internet


UFOs and Crop Circles

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