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Java Chat Room

You must have a Java-enabled Browser to participate in the (on-site) Observatory chat room. Simply click here to enter the chat. Regular chats are scheduled for Thursdays, 10 p.m. Eastern Time (USA). If you're interested in chatting right now, drop me a note. If I'm online at the moment, I'll join you. Of course, you can simply check it out right now; there is a slight possibility that someone else is chatting.

WBS Spirituality Chat Room

Another chat that you may enjoy is located at the WBS Site. You'll need to register for this one, but membership is free. You'll also have to learn your way around a bit; there are many options and quite a few different chat rooms. (You can also build a free home page there.) Once you register, find your way to the "Spiritual" category and go to the "Spirituality" area. Of course, there are other chat categories for you to try if you'd like.

Have fun! If you need help concerning the WBS site, send me e-mail, and I'll try to help. This is a very good chat room.

Discussion Forum

Thanks to Nerd World, we now have a place for all of us to contribute ideas, comments, and questions. We discuss all sorts of topics in this forum; no need to register if you just want to read what has already been posted. Once you are registered (and it's free), you'll have the option to reply to a message publicly or privately to the poster. You'll also be able to begin new topics of discussion.

Here are the easy instructions to become a part of the group. First, click on the "Assembly Registration" button, which will take you to Nerd World's "Assembly" page. You will fill out a form, and they will immediately send you e-mail containing your password. Your User ID will consist of your e-mail address.

After registering, use your "back" button to return here. Then, click on the "Assembly" button to join the conference. Naturally, this is free of charge. You need register only once to have access to all Assemblies.

If you are having problems registering, go to Assembly's FAQ.

Register Register for Assembly

Join Participate in the Observatory Assembly.

Another good discussion forum is Christel's Assembly. You can go straight to that site by clicking below if you have already registered above.

Join in the lively discussion at Christel's Palace.

For something completely different, please check out the next one and give it a much needed jump start. Your participation will make Persephone's day!

Vote for your favorite fast food joint at Persephone's Space.

Instant Messenger

Another option to facilitate communications is AOL's free Instant Messenger. It's easy to download and to install. Add Pythia1999 to your "Buddy List" and you will be able to contact me immediately if I am online. You might also wish to add PromWiz as a buddy. He knows his way around this site and could help if you run into problems. Incidentally, PromWiz runs a fantastic site of his own -- Promethean Wizardry.

Download AOL Instant Messenger Free!
Give it a try today!

Add a Link to the Free-For-All Page

Click Here to add your favorite links and/or to view the favorites of those before you. Fill in the form to add a link. Click on the categories (Miscellaneous, Business, etc.) to view links. No porn, please!

Current Observatory Polls

A few polls are scattered around the Observatory. Click here to see them gathered into one place. Vote if you haven't yet. If you've already voted, click on the "Vote" button to see the accumulated results.

Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Links

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